• 3 Keys to Common Sense

    Many of us have used the phrase “they have plenty of book sense but they have no common sense.” We are describing someone that has the technical answers to everything but hasn’t figured out how to apply their knowledge to everyday life. Why are discernment and common sense so important? What is their value? There… Read more »

  • The Great Problem Solver

    There are many problems facing our world. Countries are troubled by poverty and crime and people are divided over racial and religious tensions. War and terrorism leave many people in constant fear. Millions of homeless children cannot navigate through the educational system because their lives are so complicated outside of school. There is no shortage… Read more »

By now, the only people who have not heard about what happened on a United Airlines flight leaving Chicago live under a rock. If you haven’t check it out here: www.stephenmizell.com/UnitedAirlines Something went terribly wrong. Stuff happens. The truth is that problems arise. Sometimes they are of our own making and other times we have no control… Read more »

Over our lifetime we make many investments. We invest in an education or a home. We put a portion of our earnings into some type of retirement investment. We invest in stocks and bonds. We always invest hoping for some sort of return. After some period of time we expect the value of our investment… Read more »

This is the second guest blog by Tyler Bream-you can find more information about Tyler, his ministry, and his resources at TylerBream.com  As a seminary student I have my nose in the Bible a lot.  This means that have some pretty expensive tools for study, but I can honestly tell you that for the majority… Read more »

This is the first of two guest blogs by Tyler Bream. You can learn more about Tyler Here. Every pastor says the same thing, “You need to read your Bible.” Yet, despite hearing this all the time, most Christians don’t consistently read their Bible. Why? I have a hunch that it comes down to two… Read more »

We are finishing out March…but March Madness doesn’t really end until the first Monday of April. That is when the NCAA National Championship game is played. There are four teams with a chance right now. We call them the Final Four. Maybe your favorite team made it this far. Maybe they didn’t. Monday night will… Read more »

We often use terminology that is not clearly defined either by ourselves or our culture. “Christian marriage” is one of these phrases. If we are going to identify our marriage as a “Christian marriage” how should we define this? What should a Christian marriage look like? Are there common themes that help both those inside… Read more »

There are several things that are driving this conversation in my head right now. First, being a pastor requires me to deal with the end of people’s earthly life and often try to summarize their entire life in moments at their funeral. Second, I hit the big 5-0 this year and that brings certain realizations… Read more »

When I was younger, “drama” referred to television or movies. They would often contain real life situations that viewers could relate to even if the content was slightly exaggerated. Over the last two decades, the meaning of drama has evolved.   Drama now refers to exaggerated situations in people’s lives. Some avoid drama while others… Read more »

On Tuesday I talked about  why we struggle with other views in “Justifying My Opinion.” Today I want to share with you a few benefits of entertaining opposing viewpoints and allowing others into your life that may not see things exactly as you do.   Though allowing other points of view to enter the conversation can… Read more »