People will often ask if God hears their prayers and if He does, why is He not answering. There are a lot of responses to offer. First, silence is an answer. Whether you are dealing with people or you are talking spiritually, saying nothing says something. Second, some of our requests or prayers may just be so off base that there is no need to answer. There are many verses in the Bible that talk about how God will give us what we ask for but almost always there is some qualifier in the verse or very close by. For example, it says that He hears those prayers that are pleasing to Him. He hears the prayers of those who are living a godly life. James says that sometimes we don’t have because we have not asked while other times we have asked with the wrong motive or asked for the wrong thing.

So then the question becomes more about how our prayers can be more answerable. How can we know they are heard and when should we expect a positive answer? I believe there are some things we can do that will increase the clarity and accuracy of our prayers.

Spend Time In His Word
Jesus said in John 15:7 “But if you remain in me and my words remain in you, you may ask for anything you want, and it will be granted!”. First, where are you in relation to Jesus? Second, are His words inside of you? Spending more time reading God’s Word brings greater clarity to truth and His desires for our life. The Word of God is your greatest tool in bringing clarity to your prayers.

Listen When You Pray
When I get down to pray I keep a notepad nearby. For one thing, everything I have forgotten to do in the last 10 years suddenly floods my mind. I write them down so I can continue praying. The main reason though is to write down what I sense in my spirit while I am being quiet. If prayer is an opportunity to commune with God, we need to give Him time to work in us during the process. Just being quiet during your prayer time can often bring clarity to the request you want to make.

I am a firm believer that you never know until you ask. My wife was just sharing today about how they were stuck in JFK Airport overnight. They had been traveling for a long time and the overnight stay in the airport was unexpected. They ate a meal at a diner and one of their team said these booths would be better than sleeping on the floor. So they asked the manager if they could sleep there. Keep in mind the diner was still open. He said he did not know why not so they closed off that area and the team went to sleep. You never know until you ask. Remember that James said we don’t have at times because we just have not asked. As you practice asking, you will begin to learn more about God and it will clarify your requests and your prayer life.
As you practice asking, you will begin to learn more about God [click to tweet]

Prayer is not a magic potion or something left for only those who have a title. Praying is for all of us and all of us have requests that we need to take to God. Bringing clarity to your prayer life will make praying much easier and more fruitful.

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