Over our lifetime we make many investments. We invest in an education or a home. We put a portion of our earnings into some type of retirement investment. We invest in stocks and bonds. We always invest hoping for some sort of return. After some period of time we expect the value of our investment to be more than what we originally invested. We consider the things we place a financial investment in some of our most precious assets.

One place that we rarely “invest” in is our family. We usually do not think of them as an “asset” either. The reality is the that your family is your most precious and appreciable asset. When given the right attention and investment, your family will experience tremendous growth. This is usually not monetary even though a family can increase its net worth financially when the right investments are made. Usually the growth is in the long term stability and viability of the family unit.

Like other investments, your family will have peaks and valleys. There are times when it seems like everything is perfect. All of the stars are aligned and things are “going up and to the right.” Other times there is a slump, things are not progressing as you would like. But the best investors invest consistently. When the market is up and when the market is down. They are investing all of the time because consistent investing creates certain benefits. Consistent attention to the family unit will offer many of the same benefits.

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When you invest in your family you cannot do it alone. It requires the involvement of other family members. It may be a conversation with your spouse or child or a family activity that everyone participates in. But as you invest time and energy into your family, the result will be a closeness that is not usually experienced otherwise. Cohesiveness helps the family to “stick” together when things are constantly trying to pull it apart.


Certain investments are more stable than others. When you invest in your family you create stability. Stability does not mean that there are no rough times in your family, only that you are able to withstand those moments more readily because of the solid foundation of your family. There are many enemies to the family. Stability is critical in overcoming them. Stability creates security and security is valuable in any investment..


Jesus reminds us that our heart resides where our treasure is. We tend to appreciate the things in which we have the greatest investment. When we consistently invest in our families our appreciation for each individual member will grow as well as our understanding of the value of the family unit. All good investments should appreciate in value, the value you place in your family will appreciate as you invest in it.

Your family is the greatest investment opportunity you will ever have. Will you choose to take advantage of the opportunities afforded to you?

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