Why do we repeat the same problems over and over again? This is something that has been on my mind for days now as I find myself repeating the same mistakes over again. This seems to be true for most of the people that I assist in some way. There is often some improvement and occasionally there seems to be a conquering of certain problems, but more often than not, it pops back up in some form or another. If you find this to be true for yourself, you are not alone. It is more common than you may believe. Here are a few reasons why we repeat these things in our lives that may give you insight on how to overcome them.

It Is Personal

There is a Bible verse that says all of us have a sin that easily trips us up. It is not the same thing for everyone, but all of us have things that trip us up that are personal to us. It may not even be something we would call a sin, but it seems to creep back into our lives time and again. Other people seem to handle the same thing so well but we constantly are picking ourselves up from it. Knowing yourself and your weaknesses can go a long way to helping you overcome anything that you struggle with. Other people have their own personal tripping device too. Your responsibility is to know yours and work to overcome it.

The Right Help

Another reason we continue struggling with the same things is we never get the help we need. What we usually do is commiserate with people that have the same problem. You may have a go to person for general advice. That best friend that you can trust. Here is what you need to know: when you have a problem you need the right help. There are people that are gifted in the very area that you need help with. You may find it in a book, a meeting, a conference or a video, but you need to find the right person for the problem that you are struggling with. The right advice and guidance from the right person is priceless.

You Must Be Accountable

This one is a little tough. It is hard to allow people close enough that they can see our problems and speak into our lives. It is difficult to allow someone to call us out when things are not right. But one of the most effective, and usually necessary, ways to overcome a place in your life where you are struggling is to have someone that will hold you accountable. Sometimes it is someone that is already a part of your life. Other times it is someone you seek out. Whoever they are, make sure you have them. They may be the key to the problem you have.

I know these things all too well. I have found each of these to be true. My progress has often been slowed because I repeated the same mistake. Let’s all move forward and one of the best ways we can do that is to stop circling the same block.