As one year closes and a new one begins I tend to be reflective about the things I wanted to accomplish and the things that I actually was able to achieve. I also spend time preparing for the things that need to be realized in the coming year. Occasionally people will ask me what my goal list looks like for the year. There are places where I share them on a regular basis. My wife and I talk about them. My family will usually know most of them. I will talk about most of them with my church staff. Since I am asked so often, I thought it might be helpful to share some of them here.

I try to operate by Gary Keller’s “One Thing” principle: “What one thing can I do that would make everything else easier and better?”. Some things have a greater impact, but everything we do has some impact on everything else we do. I am going to share three of my top goals for the coming year in no particular order. Hopefully, it will give you a little insight into my own life and encourage you to choose wisely in your goals as well. 

Become Debt Free

We made some significant progress on this goal last year. We did not expect to get as far as we did. Retiring certain debt has been on my list every year. This year will be different. Provided we can be as focused as we were last year, being completely debt-free is attainable in 2020. This one goal would have a significant impact on everything else we do. We can be more generous. We can prepare for retirement. We can invest more. We can travel more. This is a very ambitious goal for us but one that we believe is worth going after this year.

Sell Our Business

I have owned a business that sold restaurant equipment for close to 30 years. Selling the business was on our list last year. We didn’t change our mind but certain situations influenced our ability to do this last year. Some of those things were situations beyond our control. Some other things were commitments we made that we needed to complete. In retrospect, we benefited by not selling the business last year but now the timing is right. This goal was about timing and now the timing is right. Accomplishing this goal will have a significant impact on my time and my mental capacity. 

Preschool Operating

Over two years ago our church purchased a property that we planned to turn into a preschool and outreach center. Over the last two years, there have been more obstacles and hurdles than we ever expected just to begin construction. It appears that we have finally overcome most of the issues and construction has begun. Now it is time to hire the right director, complete construction and get the operation going. This very well may be the most challenging of the three listed here, but it will be extremely rewarding as it will benefit our church and our community. 

The added challenge to each of these goals as well as the others on my list is excellence. I want to do each of these to the best of my ability. I want them to be done with excellence. Now you have a little insight into my coming year. What will your year look like? I pray that each of your goals will be accomplished and you will be fulfilled.