In the spectrum of history, social media is a very new innovation, even though some forms of it have been around 20 years now. We are still sorting out how to properly use the many forms of social media available to us as well as manage the effects it may have on society. As with anything, there are positives and negatives. Rarely is it something that can be resolved, but rather something we must be constantly aware of both its impact on others and ourselves.

I am personally a fan of most forms of social media. It has many benefits and I will discuss some of those in a follow-up blog. As with every innovation, it also comes with challenges; things that can be problems producing negative consequences. The list of problems is long, but today I want to address two of them and some of the negative consequences they cause.

It Is A Highlight Reel

People share the best and brightest moments or their worst and lowest times (we will talk about this next). Rarely is anyone’s life all great or all bad.  If we consider someone’s social media as the totality of their life, we will walk away with a perception that is not correct. We share the beautiful meal, the vacation, the trophy our child won, the new car or house we just bought or beautiful view from a place we are visiting. These things do not happen every day but that is all we share and all we see shared so we start to make incorrect assumptions. Now, I would much rather see the good and positive happening in people’s lives than a bunch of negativity or drama, but it can be confusing to people who are struggling with their own identity.


People Exaggerate

Another word for this might be drama. Exaggeration can be both too good or too bad. According to some people’s feed, they always had the worst life could offer. Nothing ever goes right in their life and there is never enough sympathy. On the other end, there are people who always have the best and experience the best. I said I would rather see good and positive, but no one is always on top. People read these exaggerations and become disillusioned. We are glad to hear your appreciation for your food, your family, your faith or your politics, but no one always has the best or the worst of it.

As I mentioned, there are many benefits to social media and we will discuss a couple of those in the next blog. In spite of all of the good, we still need to be aware of the challenges presented by all of this information. Don’t fall into the trap of trying to create a life that matches someone else’s social media.


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