Many jokes have been made about in-laws. Mothers-in-law especially catch the brunt of attempts at being humorous – even to the point of some being nicknamed “monster-in-law”. In life, the things that are the most humorous usually have some element of truth. One of the reasons that in-law jokes are a staple of comedy routines… Read more »

  Change is often approached as a four letter word. Even the most ardent change agents struggle with change that affects them. Sometimes people verbalize the fact that they don’t like change or they struggle with change, but usually it is something that we do not even acknowledge. The fear of different or loss keeps… Read more »

Recently Barbara and I visited the City of Charleston, South Carolina. I had been in Charleston briefly on a couple of other occasions but only for business; I was only at a single location for a couple of hours. We had decided to take a couple of days off and Charleston was our destination of… Read more »

There is a phrase used in management and leadership training that says “what gets measured, gets done”. This acknowledges the fact that when we measure specific things we want accomplished, those who are doing those jobs will work diligently to reach the measurement that is desired. It may be a production output or a time… Read more »

The majority of people have the opportunity to celebrate their 25th birthday. When you think in terms of anniversary however, there are very few times in our life we get to celebrate the number 25. One of the reasons is that anniversaries are often attached to other relationships such as marriage, jobs or organizations. Though… Read more »

Tension of some type is present in almost every relationship. We may not recognize it, but certain tension is present in all relationships that work properly. That tension allows the relationship to grow and for each person to bring the best out in the other. There are times when tension escalates to conflict. Most of… Read more »

Recently Barbara and I went to see the movie “Miracles From Heaven”. As a pastor I do my best to support faith-based movies even though they are at times working with very limited budgets. “Miracles from Heaven” was well made and had some very good actors and actresses. The story line was about a young… Read more »

Superheroes and villains captivate our attention from a young age. It really doesn’t matter whether you are boy or a girl, we fall in love with the princess being saved by the prince or Gotham being saved by Batman. Batman was my superhero of choice when I was younger. I grew up during the action… Read more »

Sometimes our culture takes a narrow view of productivity. We think of productivity in terms of a job or work and then we equate work to earning money. The reality is that all productivity is not “job” based nor is it always an exchange for money. One of the clearest examples of this would be… Read more »