Many companies offer loyalty programs. From cards for your key chains to apps for your devices, companies are constantly looking for ways to keep customers coming back. These loyalty programs have obvious benefits for the company. It helps them track your habits and know how often you use their brand. It allows them to collect… Read more »

It is increasingly common for at least one of the spouses in a marriage to have been married previously. In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, in 2013 40% of all marriages included at least one spouse who was previously married. There are several reasons for this. After 1960, the divorce rate rose steadily… Read more »

We all believe we are self-sufficient. We think we can solve all of our problems and diagnose all of our issues. There are few places where we resist help any more than in our marriage. Sometimes couples feel like if they need help then it is not worth saving. We often approach the situation believing… Read more »

  Earlier this year I shared with you that I was trying my own personal socio-economic experiment where I set the minimum pay for all of my employees at $15.00 per hour this past January. As promised, I wanted to give you an update on how it has gone, what the effects have been and… Read more »

  When a marriage is in trouble people will often ask the question “How can I save my marriage?” Sometimes this comes from a place of brokenness while other times it is the result of years of neglect. As in most situations, prevention is much more simple than repair. No matter the situation, there is… Read more »

I love to travel. Recently I saw a quote that said “If the world is a book, people who don’t travel only read one page”. Travel is one of the most enjoyable and perspective-changing things I have ever done. I shared some of the reasons why you should travel in a blog “Why Not Travel?”…. Read more »

People tend to find solace in the statement “There are no perfect people in the world.” Each of us has areas of weakness; places where we do not perform well or where we find great discomfort. I find that people approach weaknesses in their life and in the lives of others in different ways. Some… Read more »

This is a presidential election year and it has already been one of the most unusual election cycles in my lifetime. Opinions are being thrown around freely. Millions of people have openly expressed their desires during the primary season. There is a diversity of opinion and widespread division everywhere. Some people are conflicted about their… Read more »