People tend to find solace in the statement “There are no perfect people in the world.” Each of us has areas of weakness; places where we do not perform well or where we find great discomfort. I find that people approach weaknesses in their life and in the lives of others in different ways. Some… Read more »

This is a presidential election year and it has already been one of the most unusual election cycles in my lifetime. Opinions are being thrown around freely. Millions of people have openly expressed their desires during the primary season. There is a diversity of opinion and widespread division everywhere. Some people are conflicted about their… Read more »

I have been traveling to the country of Moldova for the past several years to teach leadership conferences for pastors and business leaders. Moldova struggles with a high rate of human trafficking among its youth and I became involved in the leadership teaching there because of Barbara’s passion to help in the fight against human… Read more »

I see other writers and leaders share things they learn from movies all of the time. I will often have a take away or some life application while watching a movie, but rarely does it make it to print. Occasionally it will make it as a sermon illustration, but I usually don’t glean enough to… Read more »

Two of the things I enjoy most is traveling to new places and eating at great restaurants. If you have ever traveled with me, one of the things I want to know before we get there is where we are eating. I love good food and a good experience. A restaurant is not only measured… Read more »

There is a constant refrain from humanity for things to be “better” or for there to be “more”. We want better jobs. We want a better economy. We want a better church. We want a better marriage. We want more teachers. We want better teachers. We want better schools. We want better roads. We want… Read more »

I shared some thoughts about the troubling situations in our country today on Facebook Live and wanted to make them available to you here. Jesus came for relationships, not ruling Jesus came for relationships, not ruling Click To Tweet

On your wedding day, you and your soon-to-be-spouse stand together in front of friends and family with hopes, plans and dreams of a beautiful future together. Typically, you will have spent enormous amounts of time, money and energy to make this day as perfect as possible. Not only have you prepared for the wedding day,… Read more »

Every growing organization has hiring needs. Even dying businesses and groups often need to hire. It is a part of the process of staffing any organization. There are many reasons why you may need to hire someone new. Your organization may be growing and you require more people just to handle the growth. Staff may… Read more »