If you are a follower of Christ, one of the things that is a part of your faith is to know the will of God for your life. What does God want me to do? Where am I supposed to be? What is my purpose? It is something that deep inside, we all want to know.

The question that I want to address today is what keeps us from doing what we already know to do? It is one thing to have no idea what God wants you to do, but it is a different situation when you know, yet choose to do something different. Are their common reasons why people choose not to follow the path God has for them? Are there some common experiences all of us have in responding to the will of God?

I believe there are some common reasons why all of us struggle to live out the plan of God for our lives. I would contend that these reasons also apply to people not of faith, though you may not acknowledge the last one as valid.


This is probably the first thing that trips us up; we are just not sure what we are supposed to be doing. Uncertainty will keep us from taking any action. When we are not sure, we usually do nothing. We feel like a deer caught in headlights paralyzed over which direction to take. We take none and get ran over.


Fear can bring life to a grinding halt. We are afraid we are going to do the wrong thing. Afraid doing the right thing will result in a disaster. Afraid of what people will think. How people will respond. The consequences if we are wrong. We are afraid that even if things turn out perfectly, it will be so drastically different from what we know now that we will not like it. Fear is a real obstacle to doing the will of God.


I was not sure what word to use here, but attachment seems to sum it up best. We become attached to people, places and things and those attachments create difficulty in doing anything that may potentially separate us from any of them. Debt is another attachment that hinders us from living out our purpose. Letting go of what we have to receive what we need is one of the hardest things we will ever do.


It is has been said that the greatest gap in the world is the gap between knowing and doing. Often the very thing that keeps us from living out the purpose and plan of God for our lives is just deliberately ignoring things that we know we should have abandoned long ago. Rarely have I been surprised when I missed what God wanted me to do. Way too many times it has just been because I liked the poor choices I was making more than I wanted to do the will of God.

Why do you fail to do the will of God? Which one of these resonates most with you? If we are aware of where we consistently get stuck it will help us get past that obstacle and fulfill the purpose and plan God has for our life.