Recently I preached a sermon on “God’s Call and Our Resistance”. You can watch it here or listen to it on iTunes here. We looked at Moses’s resistance to God’s call to lead the people of Israel to freedom. Moses offered several excuses as to why he could not carry out what God wanted him to do.

There is a tension that accompanies the call of God because our natural tendency is to resist. One of the reasons for this resistance is because we cannot stay where we are or continue to be who we are. There are other reasons why we struggle with the call of God on our lives. At times it brings some uncertainty. We may not be sure it is God. We do not feel qualified. The job may look overwhelming. The list could be endless.

But there are some things that seem to always be consistent in the call of God. Things that happen no matter where God call us to or what He has called us to do. These things seem to be universal in almost everything that God will call us to. Whatever God has called you to, here are three things that you can expect to be a part of that.

It Stretches Us

One of the sure things you can know about the call of God is that it will stretch you. In the story of Moses, one of his objections was rooted in his struggles to speak yet God was calling him to communicate at the highest levels of government. If you struggle with verbal communication and the thing you are being asked to do is speak to the most influential people in the world, it can be frightening.

Anything God calls you to will stretch you. It will be out of your comfort zone. You will be asked to do things you are not sure you are capable of doing or tasks that you feel you are weaknesses. Stretching is uncomfortable. The older I get the more my doctor tells me that stretching is good for me. My body needs to be stretched so that it stays healthy and less brittle. God knows that we need to be stretched from time to time. It creates flexibility in us that will keep us from becoming so easily broken.

It Transforms Us

The call of God will always include transformation. The Christian walk is a journey of transformation. There is clear change in our lives as we follow the call of God on our life. In the journey of Moses you can clearly see some of the transformation that takes place. His walk with God becomes more intimate as he sees God face to face. His confidence grows in speaking as he speaks both to Pharaoh and to the people of Israel. His leadership capacity grows and he learns things like delegation from his father in law. As we follow the call of God in our own life we will begin to see transformation take place that would not happen otherwise.

It Helps Others

If your purpose in life does not include other people, you have not yet found your purpose. Moses clearly did not need freedom. He had already escaped. But the Hebrew people who he was related to did need to be set free. If it was only about Moses, he had no reason to go back. But the call of God on his life was about helping and serving others. Whatever God is calling you to, one of the clear ways to identify it, is that it will benefit and serve other people. You may already have what they need. That may very well be the reason God is calling you. God’s call will always help others.

Maybe you are wrestling with something that God is calling you to do. Maybe you are uncertain. I hope these markers will help you find some peace in the call of God on your life.