There is a flaw in culture that ridicules people who change their mind. We have names for them.  If they are a politician, we call them a flip-flopper. We say those people have no standards or no backbone. We accuse them of being weak or soft. We label them as terrible leaders or bandwagon fans. But what is the problem with someone changing their mind?

One of the struggles most people have is that they hate change. We like things to be consistent, even if it is not the best option. When it comes to changing our mind, we are usually more concerned about what other people will think than we are about whether we are right or wrong. Because culture puts so much pressure on us to be right and often disdains people who change their mind, we sometimes relegate ourselves to a position with which we are uncomfortable simply to avoid the uncomfortableness of the pressure and disdain.

I want to challenge you to get past what others think and be willing to change your mind. As a matter of fact, there are some times when you really need to change your mind. There are times it is necessary for us to be willing to change our thought process or position. Here are three times when we should be

Sometimes You Are Wrong

Believe it or not, there are times when you are wrong. We all want to believe we are always right, but that is not always the case. There are times we are wrong and we have to be willing to admit we are wrong and move on. Admitting you are wrong and then changing your position are two of the hardest things people attempt to do. It takes a toll on your pride. There is nothing worse than to see someone who is clearly wrong dig into their position even deeper, defending something that is indefensible. People already know you are wrong even if you won’t admit it. Admitting it and changing your mind relieves a lot of tension in your life.

Sometimes Things Change

Sometimes you were right but circumstances changed and now you are on the wrong side of the discussion. Things are constantly changing all around us. Many of us lived through what has been called the Great Recession. Some of the positions and decisions made prior to 2007 would not be the right or wise choices post 2007. Things changed. Things will continue to change in the world and in our lives. When circumstances change, we often need to re-evaluate our previous choices and decisions; we may need a new approach.

Sometimes It Doesn’t Matter

Some things just don’t matter enough to hold out for your own will or get your way. Some things are so trivial that we would be better off to just go with the flow instead of digging in on our own viewpoint. You may have wanted to eat at a particular restaurant or go to a particular movie, but sometimes for the cohesiveness of a relationship or group, you are better served to just change your mind and go along with everyone else. Some things just don’t matter and it’s OK to change your mind for the benefit of others. Everything is not life or death. If you have control issues, you probably have never changed your mind anyway.

What do you need to change your mind about right now? Maybe you should take a few minutes to examine some places where changing your mind would make your life easier and even better. It’s OK to change your mind. Sometimes you need to.