We often use terminology that is not clearly defined either by ourselves or our culture. “Christian marriage” is one of these phrases. If we are going to identify our marriage as a “Christian marriage” how should we define this? What should a Christian marriage look like? Are there common themes that help both those inside… Read more »

There are several things that are driving this conversation in my head right now. First, being a pastor requires me to deal with the end of people’s earthly life and often try to summarize their entire life in moments at their funeral. Second, I hit the big 5-0 this year and that brings certain realizations… Read more »

When I was younger, “drama” referred to television or movies. They would often contain real life situations that viewers could relate to even if the content was slightly exaggerated. Over the last two decades, the meaning of drama has evolved.   Drama now refers to exaggerated situations in people’s lives. Some avoid drama while others… Read more »

On Tuesday I talked about  why we struggle with other views in “Justifying My Opinion.” Today I want to share with you a few benefits of entertaining opposing viewpoints and allowing others into your life that may not see things exactly as you do.   Though allowing other points of view to enter the conversation can… Read more »

If you know me well, you know that I tend to challenge many of the things I hear. Some people call it “playing the devil’s advocate”. I prefer not to be associated with that so I consider it “clarifying the idea”. One of the reasons I do this is because this is how I approach… Read more »

Usually we think of a marriage retreat as an event where couples are taught principles for a successful marriage and do things that will improve it.  There is another type of retreat that may offer even more benefit to your home. This type of retreat only includes you and your spouse. This marriage retreat allows… Read more »

I am not sure when it began, but it appears that American politics has evolved into a “gotcha” environment. I began to recognize it during the administration of Bill Clinton when the Republicans were investigating one matter but eventually found themselves pursuing something completely different. A massive amount of money, energy and effort were spent… Read more »

National politics seems to have created a nation of critics. If someone has a different idea we feel obligated to criticize instead of analyzing it. Our political parties have become so divisive that we feel the need to criticize the other party even when we agree with what is being proposed. With a new party… Read more »

People often respond to bad news from a doctor by looking for a second opinion or they look for a second opinion when they are doubting their own view of something. But just any second opinion is not always helpful. Only an informed second opinion can be useful. Just taking the opinion of someone that… Read more »