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Every pastor says the same thing, “You need to read your Bible.” Yet, despite hearing this all the time, most Christians don’t consistently read their Bible. Why? I have a hunch that it comes down to two very simple reasons. Christians don’t always know why to read the Bible, and they don’t always know how.

Today I want to answer the reason why, and on Thursday I want to give you some information about how.

You are what you read

Oscar Wilde said, “It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.” If you want to know what someone will become all you must do is look at who they spend their time with, what they watch, and what they read.
Assuming you want to become more like Christ the best way to do this is to read the Bible. Have you ever asked yourself questions like, “Who does God want me to be?” “What does God want me to do” or “What does God expect of me?” The answers to these questions are often found in the dusty Bible on your shelf. God’s plans for you, contrary to popular opinion, are not hidden from you only to be unlocked if you pray hard enough and fast a little. Rather, they are plain as day… if you are willing to read the Bible.

 Reading the Bible helps us understand our faith.

Becoming a Christian is much more than saying a simple prayer and going to church. When you become a Christian you become a member of the people of God, an ancient line of people with a story stretching back into the very earliest days of recorded history. Our story is long, it is complicated, and it is extraordinary.
As Christians, we make some pretty incredible claims. We claim that God sent his son who was born of a virgin, to live, die, and rise again. This claim is either true, or it is the stupidest thing ever uttered.
You need to read, study, and know your Bible to know why we make these claims as Christians. And you need to read the Bible to know why we need to make these claims. Without the Bible, the basic claims that we make about God, humanity, and the world, that make up our faith, are virtually meaningless.

It helps to sustain us in hard times

Jesus died at about AD 33, the earliest of our four gospels, Mark, was not written until sometime around 66-69 AD.  This was more than 30 years after the fact. Why did it take so long for Christians to write down the story of Jesus? The answer is simple: Persecution.
Most scholars think that the gospel of Mark was written for believers in Rome to help them survive intense persecution. When Christians began dying for their faith they turned to stories about Christ because stories have incredible power to sustain us during hard times. When the community of Christians in Rome remembered the stories about how Christ had suffered had died just like them they could stand under the pressure of persecution and hold fast to their faith.

You never know what is going to happen

This is the last, and possibly the most important reason. There will come a time when you get a phone call that someone you love has died, that your job is being eliminated, or that you have a life-threatening disease. At some point, you will get terrible news that will totally blindside you.
When this happens, and it surely will, the question is this: will you be anchored to something that remains unmoved regardless of your circumstances. When your life is upended and everything begins to fall apart, what will you be able to hold on to?
The Holy Scriptures are the bedrock of Christianity, and that means that they are the foundation of the life of all who claim Christianity. If you tie yourself to the Scriptures securing them to you as an anchor, then no matter how viciously the winds of life lash out at you, then you will be secured to the rock that never moves.

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