I tend to get distracted easily. Some people call it ADD or ADHD. It’s possible that would be the correct diagnosis. There are some things that can keep my attention more than others. Certain types of conversations draw me in because I enjoy the topic or the debate. I find it easy to stay engaged at those times. However, in general conversation, I tend to lose interest quickly. As time progresses, there seems to be more things that can grab my attention. I even find myself distracted while doing important things like driving.

About 20 years ago I purchased a new truck and was out making calls on customers for my job. While driving, something fell into the floor of the truck. I don’t remember it being important, but it caught my attention and I decided to get it while I was traveling down a back road in Columbus County. While trying to rescue this object from the floor the truck went off the road, I lost control and ended up in the middle of a field. The frame of the truck was warped so the insurance company totaled it. It was the same day that I made the very first payment. I only had the vehicle about 30 days. I was fortunate that I had no injuries, but I had put my life in jeopardy and ruined a new truck over some unimportant distraction.


I think this happens to us often in life. We get distracted by unimportant things and the distraction places things we consider to be important in danger. We wreck our financial future with careless spending. We risk our marriage when we get distracted by other things. We put our jobs at risk when we allow things to take us away from the job we were hired to do. We put our health in peril when we are distracted by enticing, unhealthy food. Sometimes it is clear the thing that is distracting us is dangerous, such as infidelity in marriage for example. Other times it can be something innocent like TV or social media that distracts us from putting in the energy necessary to have a successful marriage. Distractions are dangerous.

Proverbs 4:25-27 tells us to keep our eyes locked straight ahead and make sure we mark out the straightest path possible. Marking out a path is understanding what the goal or destination is and creating a plan that will take you there the easiest way possible. I think most of us have goals and desires in life but our problem is that we rarely mark out a path. We just wish things would turn out a certain way instead of planning for them to be that way. Plans will help us avoid distractions and also help us get back on track when we do get distracted.


What are the things that are most important to you in life? Do you desire to have a strong marriage and family unit? Do you want to be financially secure? Do you desire to have a successful career or to live a long healthy life? Whatever your plans are, there is a path to that goal and one path is easier and more clear than any other. It is up to you to mark out that path with the plans you’ll need to accomplish your desires.

When making plans, it is important for you to be aware of the things that can distract you along the way and avoid them. Learn to stay away from the things that you find yourself distracted by the most. Maybe you find yourself distracted today and you know it is causing you harm. Take some steps to get back on track and protect the things that are most important to you. You are going to end up somewhere. You may as well end up somewhere on purpose.

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