Better Together

King Solomon shared some insights from his life and they are recorded in the bible as the book of Ecclesiastes. Solomon was wealthy and had experienced many different things in his life. As he wrote it seemed he was constantly telling us that many of the things that we chase after are a waste of time. Occasionally in his writing though, he would tell us something that he thought was important. In Ecclesiastes 4:9-12, he offers some wisdom to us about our need for one another. Many people fail to see the value of other people in their lives, but Solomon points out that relationships with others are one of the most valuable things in your life. He tells us three different things that we receive from other people.


Solomon tells us that two people are better than one because they help each other succeed. We can reach a measure of success on our own, but it will only be a measure of success. Our strengths and gifts will allow us to have some success as we use them. However, when we are in relationships with others who are also using their gifts, especially if their gifts are different from ours, we reach a whole new level of success. Partnership with others brings success to our life that cannot be achieved alone.

He also reminds us that when we fail, and we will at times, that there will be others there to help us up. When I read this verse I am always reminded of the Life Alert commercials where the elderly lady falls down and says “I’ve fallen, but I can’t get up”. There is much truth in that. Our recovery is usually much quicker and the damage much less when others are there to help us up. I recently read where a lady had died and no one discovered her for seven years. Would her situation have turned out differently if someone had been there with her or if someone she was in relationship with had checked on her? There is success is in relationships.


Two people can keep each other warm. Not just physically warm. There is a warmth of the soul that is offered in relationships. A warmth that cannot be experienced anywhere else. A caring, loving warmth that can only be experienced in relationships. There are times that we grow cold. We grow cold spiritually. We grow cold in our work or purpose and we need others around us to warm us when we do not seem to have any fire left. Relationships will often help us survive times that we would normally give up or quit.


All of us face battles in our life. We never know how they are going to appear or what the battle is going to be. Sometimes it involves our career. Other times it is a sickness or a family crisis. None of us are exempt from facing certain difficult situations where we feel like we are fighting for our life. Solomon reminds us that we are more capable to fight when we are in relationship with other people because they will help us fight. There have been times in my life where I not only needed someone to help me fight, but I was incapable of fighting for myself because I was either distracted or exhausted. Relationships make us less vulnerable. We are stronger when we are in relationships with other people. They can see things we cannot see. They can defend in places we cannot defend. They have knowledge of areas we do not have. We are much stronger when we have strong relationships.

None of us can survive as an island. We should not attempt to go life alone. We need each other. Relationships offer value to our lives that we will not have otherwise. Cultivate strong relationships in your life. They bring success, survival and strength.