Spring brings blooms that are beautiful to see. Trees, flowers and plants begin to show new signs of life and are a reminder that the season is changing from a gloomy winter to warmer weather. As beautiful as these blooms are, they are only temporary. Depending on the species, some blooms last longer than others, but at best they will only be around for a short time. In the world of botany, there are many other things that are important to the life of that tree or plant. If we make a judgment based solely on the beauty of a plant’s bloom, we may miss some important indicators signaling for attention.

I find the same to be true in life and with people. People have moments when they blossom and their beauty attracts a lot of attention; moments when we begin to notice an individual, their accomplishments or activities. The problem is that we often become enamored with that shining moment. We don’t take the time to examine the underlying character or ability of that person and later find ourselves disappointed when they aren’t what we thought. The blossoms serve a purpose, but there is more to the tree than the blossom. What can we learn from this as it relates to life and people?

They Serve A Purpose

Blossoms are beautiful. They catch our attention. There are entire festivals around the blossoming of trees, such as the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC. But beauty is not the only benefit. Blossoms play a large role in pollination process. They provide pollen for pollinators such as bees and initiate cross-pollination necessary for the trees to reproduce by producing fruit. Before you gripe about the new shade of yellow your car has acquired from the pollen clouds, understand that it is part of the life giving process of trees and plants.

Sometimes it is talent or opportunity or personality or appearance that gets the attention of the right people. All of those attention-grabbers serve a broader purpose as well. Not only do they get the attention of others, they multiply that person’s results when everything else is strong. A person with great talent and strong character can accomplish incredible things that someone with only one of these attributes may be able to do.

They Are Lost With The Least Disturbance

We have a cherry blossom tree in our yard and it is beautiful when it blooms. The white and pink blooms are incredible. But, the slightest wind creates what looks like a snowstorm in the Spring. As the wind blows, the petals detach and float to the ground and make a mess instead of a beautiful blossom. Occasionally, one the grandchildren will climb the tree and the simple shaking of the branch from the weight of a six-year-old gets the same result. Even though they are temporary, the slightest disturbance shortens even further their temporary beauty.

It has been said that talent will open doors for you but character will keep you in the room. That is true. Talent without character is temporary. Talent, beauty or personality that is not grounded in a strong foundation can be lost with the least little disturbance. Lives get turned upside down very quickly when the things people were depending on are only surface level and shallow.

There Could Be Disease

The beauty of the blossom often causes us to ignore potential underlying problems. The tree itself could be diseased or have an insect infestation. I recall a story in the Bible depicting Jesus visiting a tree in order to get a fig but there was no fruit. It apparently had the signs of having fruit, but it was barren. There was a problem that could not be seen without examination. A bright leaf or beautiful blossom may distract us from things we should be looking for..

I cannot tell you how many times I have seen this in businesses when hiring an employee or with individuals looking for a mate. They pass an eye test or an ear test and they don’t look for more important underlying problems. Then you hear things such as “I had no idea they were like that” or “it was like they were a completely different person”. I am not saying that people don’t change, but usually the problem occurs because we were enamored with the wrong things and missed the most important things.

I hope you are enjoying your spring and catching the beauty of the blossoms and blooms that are showing up all around. Just be aware that they are only a small part of the process. Enjoy their beauty while you can but understand that life is bigger than a blossom.

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