• When You Preach To Yourself

    Recently, Barbara and I were taking a trip and the conversation turned to my sermon from the day before. She asked me, was I preaching to myself. That is a heavy question that someone may have been pondering, but not necessarily prepared to discuss. My reply to her was “probably so”. It was true. I… Read more »

  • We Have Problems

    “I have problems. You have problems. We all have problems.” I recall hearing Zig Ziglar using this line often in his teaching to point out the fact that no one is exempt from problems nor should we allow it to be an excuse not to live life to its fullest. Problems are just a part… Read more »

There are a lot of different reasons why there may be a fire in your house; some good or on purpose and others simply dangerous. Your view and response to each of these is important. Marriage can often have some of the same qualities of fire. Some we are excited about while others we are… Read more »

I am currently sitting in the Atlanta airport on my way back from Peru. It was my first time there and it was a wonderful experience. I had previously spoke at several conferences in Venezuela and had not given a lot of thought that there might be a difference in weather. In a conference call… Read more »

Recently, I was speaking about Jonah and his need to complete his assignment of speaking to a city after being puked up on the shore by a large fish. There is no indication that he had a change of clothes or took a bath. He describes himself as having seaweed wrapped around his head. No… Read more »

On a weekly basis, and often a daily basis, I come in contact with people whose lives are shattered and broken stemming from marriage struggles they weren’t prepared for and do not know how to fix. I have experienced some of those painful moments in my lifetime as well and understand some of the struggles… Read more »

This summer Vandin asked us to take him to New York City. This kid does some traveling. He flew on a plane with Barbara and I when he was only six weeks old to attend a conference with us and has been traveling ever since. I love to travel myself and appreciate the value it… Read more »

We have spent the last couple of months in a sermon series called “Don’t Make Me Turn This Car Around”. We used the summer theme of taking road trips to help talk about the things God hates as listed in Proverbs 6:16-19. “Don’t make me turn this car around” is never said with the hope… Read more »

As I write this I am sitting here with a big crater in my mouth because I had #18 extracted yesterday. Though it only took a few minutes to take this tooth out of the back of my mouth, it was quite a process to get to that point and I still have quite a… Read more »

There are very few things that consume our thoughts like money. I think it is one of the reasons why Jesus would point out that money is the number one competitor to our relationship with God. He said you cannot love both God and money. Not only is money a competitor in that relationship, it… Read more »

*This is the final blog in the series leading up to the release of my new book The Long Walk Back. Recently I have been writing about the struggles and pain of failures and setbacks in our lives in conjunction with the release of my new book, The Long Walk Back. In the book, I write… Read more »