Everyday we are faced with choices. Some of those choices are simple while others are much more complex. Some have very few consequences while others may affect us for the rest of our lives. Some of our choices are daily like what to eat or what to wear. Others may be one-time decisions like who to marry or where to live. Some choices we make in nanoseconds while others may need weeks of consideration.

If we are constantly making choices, how can we better make those decisions when faced with a choice? Good decision making does not happen by accident. Occasionally we will get lucky, but usually making the right choice is influenced by a number of things. Here are four tips to help you make better choices.

Review Previous Choices

This is one of the easiest ways to help you make better choices: simply think through the choices you have previously made. Understanding both the good and bad choices that you have made will assist you with your current decision. Why did you make a choice? What was the result? Did things turn out the way you expected? What did you miss? Your past choices should be learning experiences that guide you in your future choices.

Get Advice

There are people who have faced the same decisions you are facing and can offer valuable feedback on your process. Most people are willing to offer feedback based on their own experience. Sometimes a little insight from someone else will give you the clarity that you need to proceed with confidence.

Do What Is Right

When there is a clear right choice, do what is right. This makes things simple. Many times we try to make things gray that are much more black and white. Some decisions are good or bad. Some are good, better or best. But a great deal of the decisions we make have a clear right and a clear wrong choice. When right or wrong is clear, always choose right.

Choose People

Many of our decisions involve others. When possible, we should choose what is best for the people involved, not just what is best for ourselves. This can be difficult at times. Sometimes our choices may cause temporary pain but are best for everyone involved in the long run. Other times, it just requires us to sacrifice our selfishness for the betterment of everyone. People matter and they especially matter when we are making choices that affect them.

Don’t allow choices to paralyze you. Learn how to make better ones. Don’t live in fear because you have made some bad choices previously. Learn from them. It has been said that we are the sum of the choices we have made. That being the case, let us learn to make better choices so that our sum is greater in the future.

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