This coming Sunday we will celebrate Mother’s Day in the United States. It will be the most unusual Mother’s Day of my lifetime. I feel like I have said “It will be the most unusual___________” about every big thing that has happened in the last 60 days. Covid-19 has affected just about every aspect of life, including the way we celebrate holidays. There will be no Sunday church service in the majority of the country. Many families will not gather because of restrictions. There will be a lot of Facetime greetings and drive-by celebrations. 

Mothers deserve their day. They deserve to be celebrated. Pandemics and social distancing do not stop mothers from being mothers. Here are a few things that I think we could all remember as Mother’s Day arrives. 


Mothers Manage Crisis Everyday

Covid-19 is not the first crisis a mother has ever faced. Babies are birthed in trauma to a mother there to care for them immediately. From the time a child can speak, “Mama” is usually the first name that is called in trouble. This continues even into adulthood as you try to navigate mistakes and problems that are new and challenging. From scrapes and cuts to broken bones, from broken toys to broken hearts, from failing grades to legal trouble, mothers are usually first on the scene to care for their child in crisis. They have had to multitask and manage crises while cooking breakfast and getting them ready for school. They were prepared for this day and most likely have helped hold your family together even while other things did not look so sure.

Distance Doesn’t Stop A Mother’s Care

I am 52 years old but my mom has called to check on our family almost every day since this pandemic started. My parents live a couple of hours away and have been practicing social distancing but it has not stopped my mom from being concerned about our well being. In life’s challenges, mothers want to make sure their children are safe and managing new situations. Most likely you have had a similar experience. There is not a switch that mothers get to turn off once you reach a certain age. You may be separated by circumstances, but she has not stopped caring about you. 

There is not a switch that mothers get to turn off once you reach a certain age.

Mothers Will Appreciate Your Effort

If you think your mother needs an extravagant celebration to know she is appreciated, you are wrong. She deserves it, but she doesn’t need it. You only have to look at your childhood to recognize this. Most children are not very thoughtful. Many adults are not thoughtful either. In spite of your lack of appreciation when you were a child, and especially when you were in your teens, your mother faithfully cared for you. If you offered just the slightest acknowledgment, it would make your mother smile for days. This Mother’s Day may not allow you to do some of the things you want, but just the slightest acknowledgment will bring joy to a mother. A card in the mail, a phone call or Facetime are simple things but a blessing to a mother. This challenge might even bring out some creativity that will surpass any expectation your mother ever had.

No matter what the world looks like and the unusual things that are taking place, moms will still be moms and they will love you no matter what. Don’t forget your mother this weekend, but also don’t stress if it doesn’t look like what you had hoped for. She will love anything you do. So do something!

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