Strange. Challenging. Unusual. Unprecedented. All of this and more. There are so many ways to describe the time we are experiencing in the world with the Covid-19 virus pandemic. Especially here in the United States where we think we are exempt from things like this. Almost every area of our life is being affected by the current challenges.

It is easy to find the bad and talk about the stress, but what good is taking place right now? What things should be taking place that could be beneficial to us? Here are three good things that could be, and should be, taking place in your life right now. 



Stretch Yourself

Whether you like it or not, you are currently being stretched. You are having to learn to work from home or be a school teacher for your children. Things that just a few weeks ago were not on your agenda. Most of us are learning just how little control we actually have on the things going on around us. We are being challenged relationally, either because we cannot visit the people we love OR we are forced to spend more time with our family.

This is a perfect time to stretch yourself. Instead of complaining about working from home, learn some new methods that make you more productive. Learn a new language or skill with the extra time you have been given. Improve a skill that has gotten rusty. Work on that relationship issue that has been overlooked for years and is now the elephant in the room. Read a book that is out of your normal genre. If you don’t read at all, just start reading. Things that are regularly stretched stay pliable and can usually adapt more easily in times of difficulty. Things that do not regularly stretch become brittle and often break with the slightest movement. Stretching is good and it is better to do it by choice than to break by force.

Prepare for What’s Next

When we come out of this, things are going to look completely different than they do now. The job landscape will be different. The economy is going to be different. Many people are going to be without jobs. Why not prepare for that now. Some people hate the job they have. Why not use this time to prepare for a new one? Learn a new skill or cultivate a new relationship in a place that you want to be.

There are going to be opportunities coming out of this crisis. Opportunities to invest or start something new. Most people’s finances are going to look different than they did pre-quarantine. Are you looking at that and preparing?  Instead of hiding in the dark, use some of this time to prepare for the sun to rise again. It will. What will you do when it does?

Refocus Your Priorities

It is always amazing to see how priorities come into focus in crisis. I asked a question recently on social media: “What one thing are you most looking forward to in the future?”. Overwhelmingly the responses had to do with seeing family or being with family again. Just a few weeks prior the answers would have centered around an event they wanted to go to or a life goal they hoped to achieve. Crisis suddenly revealed the priority of the family. Teachers suddenly have great value as parents work through trying to work with them at home. Even the appreciation of a simple thing like toilet paper seems to rise to the top of our list.

In the busyness of life, it is easy for our priorities to become misguided. Jobs take precedence over family. Time gets compromised. Relationships get pushed to the back burner. What we really need in life takes a back seat to the things culture thinks we need. Now is a perfect time to realign your priorities and develop ways to keep them first, even when things return to some normalcy.

There is no question we are all facing challenges. These are not easy days. But there are some good things that could be and should be taking place right now. Be determined to grow when others are falling apart. Good things can happen even in the worst of times.