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As a certified John Maxwell coach, Stephen has traveled in the United States, Europe, and South America to teach leadership principles in organizations around the world. For Stephen, this is no mere theory. Stephen brings personal experience, wit, and wisdom to the stage to help leaders at all stages up their leadership game, improve their teams, and increase their effectiveness.


Stephen’s core passion, and the subject of his first book, The Long Walk Back, is the health and effectiveness of the immediate family. Through his books, courses, and pastoral ministry, Stephen has developed a keen insight into how to build marriages and families that stand the test of time. He has even put on his own conference, Marriage, Money, and Making Babies, specifically designed to help married couples work through their differences, and build marriages that last


As the lead pastor of Open Door Church in Edenton, NC, Stephen Mizell has cultivated a unique and dynamic approach to the communication of Scripture. Stephen has become known both locally and nationally for bringing an informative and engaging approach to Christian Scripture that brings the Bible to life in new and surprising ways.

“Every time I hear Stephen speak it is an awesome experience. I am never bored, and always end up picking up practical principles designed to help me implement what he is speaking about”

– Tyler B.

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