This summer at Open Door we are doing a series called “You Asked For It”. People have been submitting questions they had for use to answer from the Bible. The questions have been great and I plan to follow up on some of them here in my blog. This past Sunday, the following question was submitted (quite lengthy):

“God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God abides in him” (1 Jn 4:16). In my view, all people born on to this earth are creations of God. He created us, and since God is love, he loves His creation. We are fortunate to have been born into a society that has the religious liberty associated with freely hearing and accepting the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If, however, I had been born in Pyongyang, North Korea, and my society dictated that I must follow Kim Jong-un, I wouldn’t likely be exposed to the gospel at all. Does God reject those people (even though they may lead lives that abide in love and compassion) who simply by being born into a Godless society do not accept Him as their Savior? If he does reject those who never have a choice, how can we say God is love?”

This is a complicated question and people have spent large portions of their life attempting to answer these questions. I did my best to give a summary Sunday of what I found. Feel free to listen to the full sermon at I have had a couple of days to process “post-sermon” and I want to share a few thoughts. As I told you Sunday, there are some things the Bible is not clear on. As I have thought more on this, what I think is best is for us to concentrate on the things that we know and can address. So let me remind us of those things.

Jesus is the answer
As Christians, we believe Jesus Christ is the hope for this lost world. No matter where you may live and what situation you find yourself in, Jesus Christ is our only salvation. All of our efforts and work must center around Him.

We must share

As Jesus left this earth, He charged all of us to spread the gospel throughout the world. We call it the “Great Commission”. Though we are not responsible for where people are born, we have an obligation to make sure they hear the gospel. Sharing the gospel in our relationships. Sacrificing our time for short term missions trips. Answering the call to be a missionary ourself. Giving to support missionaries that are spending their lives spreading the gospel. We have an obligation to spread the gospel.

Sure hope

Though we may debate what may happen to those who do not hear, there is a sure way to solve the question. When you accept Christ as your Savior, the argument is moot. We can have the assurance of salvation through Jesus Christ. Our heart as Christians must be committed to making sure the entire world has that hope.

I encourage you to join me doing our part in offering Jesus Christ to the world, and leave the things we cannot answer to God. He is holy, righteous, faithful and full of mercy. We know He will do His part. Have a blessed week!!

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