I recently had a very unusual day. Nothing really unusual happened, just a few things that fell into place at the same time that caused me to think about some specific things. One of the things I had been preparing to attend for a while, the other is hard to prepare an exact time. I had planned to attend a wedding. What I had not planned was attending a funeral the same day. The two events together caused me to think about how they relate to our relationship with Christ and what life is really about.


Weddings are very symbolic in the Bible and in our relationship with Christ. Jesus’ first public miracle was performed at a wedding feast. Paul chose to use marriage as the symbol of Christ’s relationship to the church. As a matter of fact, the believers are called the Bride of Christ. Marriage is important to our relationship with Christ. There is no other earthly relationship that will mirror our relationship with Christ as a Christ-like marriage will. We are told that we find sanctification in marriage. Husbands are to love their wives like Christ loves the church. Love is such a powerful force in marriage.

I do not think we realize how much these two relationships are tied together and how much of our spiritual walk is impacted by our relationship with our spouse. The two cannot be separated. Our relationship with our spouse and our relationship with Christ look very similar. As one grows so does the other. As I watched the young couple walk down the aisle, I doubt becoming like Christ was at the forefront of their mind, but it certainly was mine. I was challenged to continue to see the transformation continue in my marriage and in my relationship with Christ. 


A funeral is the final earthly celebration of a life well-lived. At least that is what we all hope for. The funeral was for a gentleman who was 90 years old and had been married for 68 years. 90 years is a long life. 68 years of marriage to one person is extraordinary. Imagine the sanctifying work that can be done in that period of time; the things that come to the surface that you thought you had dealt with long ago or that you never even knew were an issue. By all accounts, it was a powerful work. The stories told at the funeral of his strength, wisdom, and steadiness were reminders of the work that Christ wants to do in our lives.

Funerals really should be a celebration of how much we have become like Christ while on this earth. The stories should be testimonies of the work he has done in our life. The thing that had me thinking the most was that everyone in that room was talking about how this gentleman looked like Christ on this earth while he was already celebrating being with Christ in eternity. He had finally achieved full transformation.

We should all strive daily to become more like Christ. We should allow every situation to reveal in us the things that resemble Him and challenge the things that do not. There is no other relationship that will do that like marriage. We will never achieve complete transformation on this earth but our goal should be to resemble Christ as much as possible so that the stories told at our funeral will reveal Him to the people in the room while we celebrate the complete transformation of eternity.

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