How many words can you think of to describe what is going on in the world right now? Chaotic. Unprecedented. Uncharted. These are certainly unusual times that are requiring unusual measures. No sporting events. Limited church gatherings. Stores and businesses closed. Schools are closed. So many of our daily routines have been thrown to the side. Some of that is useful. We need to have our routine disrupted occasionally to shake us out of the ruts we’ve found ourselves in. But in times of crisis and uncertainty, some sense of normalcy is needed.

The first few days after things started to change, my daily routine had to be set to the side. It became early mornings and late nights talking to people, writing, thinking through some issues, having meetings and just trying to prepare for what was going to take place. This crisis was affecting the church I pastor and the business I own as well as my family. My entire day is rarely planned out, but I have a morning routine that I do my best to guard.

I am usually up no later than 6 AM. I read my Bible and pray, read at least one chapter in a book, exercise, spend some time writing and three days a week I do a live video at 7 AM. I rarely take appointments prior to noon. All of my sermon prep is done during the mornings. I try to guard this time. Whenever it is disrupted it can affect the rest of my day. My goal is to have done by noon anything that has to be done so that I can deal with what someone else needs done for the balance of the day. Even on Sunday, I have a morning routine. Though we have not had people in the building, I have still preached for our live stream and I have kept the very same routine.

Once it became clear that this crisis was going to last for a period of time and that there would be challenges to deal with every day, I determined that I wanted to make sure I kept my morning routine. I wanted that part of my life to look as normal as possible so that I could deal with the abnormal things that were coming at a rapid pace. I cannot control many of the things that are changing around me, but a little normalcy in my life will allow me to deal with the things I cannot control a little better.

I am sure much of your daily routine has been upended as well. I encourage you to find parts of it that you can keep. It will bring some normalcy to your life when you need it most. Everything doesn’t have to change. Some things can and should remain the same. Some of your life may need disruption but some may also need to remain steady. It will offer a strong foundation for the changing days ahead.


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