Have you ever wondered why you are here? Why did God create you the way He did? Why do you have the talents and gifts that you have? Why were you born into a particular family or in a certain location? Do you think they were accidents or is there some intentionality to it?

God created all of us for a specific purpose and with a specific plan. John Maxwell says, “the two most important days in a person’s life is the day they are born and the day they find out why”. All of us know the day we were born, but many of us wander through life trying to figure out why. Why were you born? What significant impact were you placed here to make? You may have been born to be the President of the United States and lead the free world or you may have been born to be an exceptional parent to a single child and lead that one person well. Neither is less significant than the other if that is what God has designed for us to do.

I believe that God designed each of us to do something BIG with our life. Not big compared to what someone else has done or is doing. BIG as it relates specifically to the purpose and plan God has for you. BIG as in doing your best, above and beyond expectations, in the thing God gifted you for. You see we need great presidents and great parents. None is greater than the other. What is greatest is when we live our purpose exactly as God designed and we do it BIG.

Psalm 139 tells us that God intentionally and knowingly created us from the inside out. We are not accidents. He had your days planned before you even had your first one. Daily He thinks about you. So many thoughts that the sand cannot even begin to number them. If He designed you, created you and daily thinks about you, would it not be good it you consulted what He has planned for you? Your greatest fulfillment in life is when you live out what you were designed to be.

We all end up somewhere in life. The problem is very few of us end up somewhere on purpose. I invite you to join me this weekend at Open Door as we begin talking about what it looks like to GO BIG with our life. That is what God wants. Let’s GO BIG!

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