The current times are putting enormous pressure on families. Calls to counselors, divorce attorneys, and domestic violence hotlines are on the rise. Everyone is navigating new territory every day. That is evident in the family unit. 

Families have had to adapt to schools closing, job furloughs, and summer plans changing. Many are frustrated by the rapidly changing landscape. Families have so many decisions to make, and all of them have consequences. Family units are asking questions and struggling to find the right answers. Even the smartest people in the world appear to be guessing. Here are five questions I am hearing families are trying to work through. 



Do I Send My Children Back To School?

For some families, this is not an option because their school system is not returning to in-person learning. Other school systems are allowing parents to choose between in-person education and remote learning. This puts parents in a difficult spot. In a home where both parents work, there is concern about who will take care of and teach them. This decision creates even more questions like “Will they be safe in the school environment?” or “What will they miss by learning from home?” This question creates a tough decision for parents that has long term implications.

Is The Financial Model Of Our Family Healthy?

The most recent statistics suggest that 78% of American families live paycheck to paycheck. If one of them loses their job or needs to be home with a child for education purposes, those families have no idea how they will survive. Is there a better way to move forward in making choices beneficial for our family? This may be the time to pursue becoming debt-free or to adjust your budget. Financial flexibility is critical in uncertain times.

Who Do I Trust For Guidance?

As I mentioned earlier, even the most brilliant minds seem to be guessing right now. What was a fact yesterday has changed because of a new discovery or a different understanding? Add to that the people who are intentionally trying to mislead people. We have access to so much information. Virtually anyone can post information and make it look like official news. Almost every voice has a certain angle they want to promote, which compromises their integrity. Having the discernment to know which voices to guide you is a challenge for every family unit. 

What Does The Future Look Like?

“I can’t wait for things to get back to normal” is the cry of everyone. No one knows when that will be or what “normal” will look like when it does. Is remote learning here to stay? Will I have a job in the future. Are certain parts of our culture changing? We want to plan for the future, but it seems less predictable than ever.

What Does All Of This Mean?

The virus. Racial tensions. Political division. Murder hornets. Saharan dust clouds. This is an endless list. All of these things seem to be converging at once. What does it all mean? Is it the end of the world as we know it? Are their spiritual implications? Is this the end times? We should be learning from every situation. There is something for us to walk away with from all of these circumstances. No one can tell you how things will turn out or what the result will be. What we can do is be open to learning so that whatever the result is, we are prepared. I can’t tell you what everything means. I can tell you that I must keep learning and growing. 

What questions are you asking right now? How are these times affecting your family? I would love to hear from you.