dark forest and a road

In 1960 the first automatic door was installed. It operated with a mat actuator. When you stepped on the mat, the door automatically opened for you. I can recall most automatic doors working only with mat actuators. Most automatic doors today work with some sort of movement sensor that detects when you are close to the door. With either type of sensor, it requires you to take a step close to the door for the door to open. The door will open for us provided we are willing to take the step toward it. The door opening is dependent on our willingness to step.

How often do we see this same principle play out in other areas of our lives? Opportunities that will open themselves to us provided we are willing to take the initial step. With an automatic door, there have been so many people who have tried it before you and you have so many other previous experiences with them that taking that first step is easy. It is a tested experienced that usually has little risk. But many of the opportunities that we are faced with in our lives carry great amounts of uncertainty and some have not been tried enough times to give us the assurance that it will work.

We see this uncertainty play out in many areas of our lives. It can be seen in a first date, a new job, a new idea or a new business venture. It may be a part of a change we need to make in our life or learning a new skill or moving away to college. Every opportunity we have not tried comes with uncertainty and risk. If we are not careful, we will pass on great opportunities out of fear. If we would just take that first step, we may realize that it is easier than we expected. Just as the automatic door only opens when you step toward it, opportunities are only seized if we are willing to take the first step toward them. Here are three things that can assist all of us in taking that first step toward opportunity.

Educate Yourself
One of the best ways to help you take the first step to any opportunity is to educate yourself about the opportunity or situation. Learning more about any opportunity is wise. It will give you insight into some of the risks you’re taking and possibly reveal additional rewards that may be available. There is virtually nothing we cannot learn more about with the availability of information on the Internet. Much of it is free, but more is available for a small investment. There are YouTube videos, podcasts, college level courses, blogs and more on just about any subject you can imagine. There is no excuse for not being educated about something that we are wanting to do or accomplish.

Find Others With Experience
It is possible that you are the pioneer in an area, but most of the time we are just venturing into territory that is new to us. If you are a pioneer in an area, you can still glean information from related situations and people who can offer feedback and wisdom. If it is just a new venture for you, then you should seek out wisdom from people who have already achieved some measure of success or who are a few steps ahead of you in the process. Get feedback and advice from them. Read books from people who have traveled the journey that you are getting ready to take. It is likely that you already have people in your circle that can be of great assistance. We have to get over our fear of rejection. I have found that people are usually willing to assist if they possibly can, especially when the investment they are making into you is wisdom.

Failure Is Rarely Final
Some people would say that failure is not final. Although, there are a few occasions where failure could be the end, it is a rare circumstance. We should adjust our view of failure. Every time something doesn’t work, it is a learning experience. We gain knowledge that we would not have otherwise. The only people who have never failed at something are the people who have never tried anything. Every success is littered with failures and problems, but they became invaluable in the process of achieving the greater success. Failures and mistakes should be used as steps to making the end greater and stronger than it would have been without them. Don’t be ashamed about failure unless you chose not to learn from it.

Maybe you have an initial step that you need to take today. It could be in a business, an investment, a relationship or some other area of your life. You will probably be surprised at what doors will open for you if you will have the courage to walk toward them.