There are times that I want to share things that I am currently enjoying. I realize that not
everyone will like the same things I do, but it might trigger you to appreciate some things in your
own life or to try something new though one of these things would be off-limits for you :). Here
they are.

Chris Stapleton
I like big voices that can hit their notes. I had heard one of Chris Stapleton’s songs a few years back, and it caught my attention. Recently I went to one of his concerts. He sang a song, said thank you, then it went dark while he changed guitars, then he sang another song. Rinse and repeat. This concert was one of the best singing performances I have ever heard.

The Enneagram has been around for centuries and has been very popular in the last few years. I recently read a book by Ian Morgan Cron called “The Road Back To You.” It has been beneficial for personal insight but also in how I should relate to other personality types. I have a lot to learn, but the book is helpful.

I chose to preach from the writings of John this year, including the Gospel of John, the three letters of John and Revelation, where I currently am. It has never been my favorite book of the Bible, and I have never preached a series from the book, but I am now in week 7 of the series and thoroughly enjoying preaching from it. It is all there for a purpose.

Limited News
I recently took all of the 24 hours news channel apps off of my phone. I no longer have cable TV, and I now stream everything. I consume very little news. My world does not look like the one they try to portray on those news channels. If something big happens, I know about it. Otherwise, I miss most of their attempts to force me into their ideology.

My Wife
We are in a good season right now. While it is not without conflict from time to time, it is good. There is nothing perfect, but there are some places I know that have grown. I enjoy just being together, and I miss her when we are not. This is the one thing that you can’t try.

I would love to hear some things you are enjoying in this season of your life. When we learn to appreciate things more, we will complain less. Let me hear from you.

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