One of the challenges of being a public figure is that viewers do not know everything about you. Many people only see me on stage or in a video and never know certain things about me. I tend not to shy away from transparency, but people cannot download all things about me at one time. 

Recently someone asked me a question about dressing up at Halloween, and they were surprised by the answer. As a kid, we were allowed to dress up and get candy. The costume couldn’t be evil, but we still participated with our friends. They told me that they would have lost a bet on that answer.

There have been other times when people have been surprised by an answer because they made assumptions about me. So I thought I might share a few things about me that you will most likely never see me do. Here they are – just for fun!

Have a Political Sign In My Yard

Your first question might be: do I vote? The answer to that is yes. I voted for the first time in 1986, and I do not think I have missed a presidential election since then. I also have opinions about candidates and preferences about beliefs and platforms. However, I choose to use my influence and platform for things that I consider more important. I never want to compromise my ability to lead someone to Christ because I decided to promote a person. One of the things you will most likely not see me do is put a political sign in my yard or a sticker on my car, or a flag on my porch. I am fine if you do. The choice for me is to focus elsewhere.

Wear Skinny Jeans

This is easy. I am old. I am a little overweight. I have long legs. I have big feet. There is nothing about skinny jeans with that combination that is attractive. I stay in my clothing line.

Cut Grass

Some people love working in the yard like my wife. I get no enjoyment out of it. Yes, I used to cut my grass. But I found that I didn’t enjoy it, and I could focus my time and energy on something more productive for my life, and often profitable, and allow someone who enjoyed cutting grass to take care of that for me. It works out better for both.

Watch Sci-Fi

When I was in the 5th grade, Star Wars came out. My school teacher was into Sci-Fi. That is all she wanted to talk about and read the entire year for the class. I didn’t like it then, and I don’t like it now. I am much more likely to read non-fiction than fiction. The same is true of watching a movie. I am not knocking it. I just don’t enjoy it. So I miss all of the Star Wars references that people make. It is just not my thing.

Now you know a little more about me. Maybe we have something in common, or perhaps you think I am weird. Either way, you know me a little better. Understanding people and still loving them is a goal we must all strive to achieve. I will share a few more of these insights over the next few weeks. 

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