When I was a kid, Christmas was a big deal. We did not get anything we wanted all year round. My parents did not have a lot of extra money, but they would go out of their way at Christmas to make it memorable. 

Too often now, we just get what we want when we want it, and the surprise and joy of gifts at Christmas seem to be limited.

During a sermon recently, I shared one of my favorite Christmas gifts. It started me thinking about other gifts I received as a child that I distinctly remember. Here are a few of my favorite Christmas gifts received as a child. 



We were celebrating Christmas at my grandparent’s home in Washington this year, and we were living in Wilmington. We had a Dodge station wagon at the time, and my parents had to transport this go-cart on top of the car in a box. I recollect that the box was unmarked, so we spent the entire trip trying to guess what was in it. We wore this go-cart out. We had a big parking lot at our church, and there were several go-carts in the neighborhood, so there was a lot of fun racing our go-carts.

10 Speed Bikes

Bikes brought newfound freedom to my brother and me. We rode these bikes all over Wilmington. This is one of the few big gifts I remember asking for as a kid. 

Fishing Boat

Our parents kept this gift under wraps. My dad bought us a 16’ boat with plans that we spend time together on the water. We were completely surprised. There are a couple of really adventurous stories about that boat. I know how much I enjoy being on a boat now with family and friends.


“Merlin” was a very early handheld game. My dad liked it so much that he played it at night after we went to bed before giving it to us on Christmas Day. It was one of the first portable games we could take with us.

I am sure you have your favorite Christmas gifts from your childhood. I would love for you to share them in the comments. I hope that you and your family have a great Christmas this year.

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