Since it is what so many people are talking about, it is also what I am writing about: things that are happening during the Covid-19 pandemic. So much is going on around us. Some of it is good and some of it is bad. No matter how different things are, some things never change. They may take on a different form or be focused in a different area, but they are the same all of the time.

Solomon said there was nothing new under the sun. The interesting thing about that statement is that the world is constantly changing. Even in his day, there was an evolution of events, products, and inventions. It comes at us at an even faster pace today. Still, with the fast pace of change, there are some things that you can still count on in every situation. Here are three things I have noticed during the last two months. 


Excuses Are Still Excuses

There are some legitimate reasons why certain things cannot be done right now. But there are also innovative people who have done the best they can to pivot and make things work. Teachers have restructured their methods to distance learning. Churches have gone from only preaching to people in the building to doing everything online, even when they previously had no online presence. Restaurants that no longer have patrons have worked to set up curbside pick up and oven-ready meals. 

On the other hand, there are those waiting on things to return to normal. They refuse to try something new and this situation is just the excuse they need. They blame the government. The Chinese. The governor. The mayor. Law enforcement. Often these are just excuses to keep from making the effort needed to make something happen. It doesn’t matter the situation, some people will always have an excuse.

There Are Always Opportunities

Every season and situation brings new opportunities. They may look different and they may require some effort to uncover, but there are opportunities everywhere. These opportunities may not make you rich, but they will almost always enrich your life. There may be some financial opportunities available right now. If you are able, you should use wisdom to take advantage of them. But there are a huge amount of opportunities to serve and be generous. 

I have seen people making masks for people to wear. Young people are shopping for the elderly. People are checking on their neighbors. Families are bonding and houses are getting facelifts and updates that have long been delayed. Personally I have had a chance to teach my grandkids a couple of things because the pace is a little slower. “There is nothing to do” is just an excuse. There are opportunities if you will seek them out. 

Learning Should Never Stop

You hate your job. At least statistics tell us that is a high probability. Some surveys show that as many as 85% of people hate their job. If that is the case, why not use this time to learn a new skill so you can get a job you love. Why not learn about relationships or parenting or marriage so that your relationship with the people that you are staying home with grows instead of recedes. Most likely there will be fewer jobs available when this is over. But there will also be more people trying to get those jobs. Why not learn something new that will make you more valuable. Enhance a skill so that you are more efficient than the next person. Refine a talent that will set you apart when someone is having to make a choice. Learning should be a lifelong process. Now is a great time to learn.

Yes I know these are different times, but some things just never change. Some are making excuses. Some are taking advantage of opportunities. Others are using it as a time to learn. Your approach during this time may be what sets you apart when this is over. 

Start Learning and Growing Today

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