I am a reflective person. I leave a conversation or interaction and I reflect on what was said or what happened and I try to learn from it. I probably learn more after the fact than in the actual moment. There are times when I learn something completely new while other times I am just reminded of something important that I was overlooking or had forgotten. 

During the current pandemic that our country is facing, there has been a need to learn at a rapid pace. There is a new change or new discovery or a new plan coming from the government and scientists every day. From the time I write this until the time it is published, more information will arrive and certain things will change. 

Even in the midst of fast-paced change, I take time to stop and think about what has happened or what is happening. There are a few things I have noticed this week. Every single one of these things I already knew, but they are fresh at this moment. I have seen all of them in my own life recently.

It Doesn’t Take Long To Make A Bad Habit

So many people are staying at home and new routines are necessary. In those times it is easy to allow bad habits to be created. We can slip into poor eating habits and skip exercise. It is easier to go to bed late or sleep-in longer. We can put off helping our kids get their schoolwork done. Netflix or social media sucks us in and hours will pass and nothing gets done. Habits are created much faster than we realize and because bad habits rarely require discipline, they are created even faster. In my world as a pastor, we know that habits are being created with church services being held only online. Habits are easy to make and hard to break. Be aware of the habits you are forming. 

Smart People Disagree

There is no shortage of opinions being circulated. No matter your preference, there is someone promoting that viewpoint. The interesting thing is that it is not clear what is right and what is wrong, what is best, or what is worst. There are smart people with almost every viewpoint. Extremely smart people. Rarely is one group privy to facts that another doesn’t have. It is usually affected by the lens through which people view things. It is not as simple as a sound bite. I have seen smart people disagree with all of my life. Will we come out of this and find that one single group or person was right? Probably not. What we will most likely find is every point of view has some validity, but finding the common ground is difficult. 

There Are Costs To Every Choice

If we do not take action to minimize the spread of Covid-19, unnecessary people will die. If we take the wrong actions, a different group of people will die. At the time of this writing, approximately 80,000 people have died due to the virus. Some studies are saying that another 75,000 people will die due to substance abuse or suicide created by the despair of the virus. The choice to close businesses comes at a cost to the economy, the services the government can provide and people’s mental well being. No matter which choice you make, there is a cost. There is rarely a choice that does not come with a cost attached. It is beneficial if we can count those costs before we get started.

I am sure as I reflect over the coming weeks there will be new things I learn and other things I am reminded of. Always be learning and growing. Make it a lifestyle, not just a moment. 

Start Learning and Growing Today

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