Thanksgiving provides a time of reflection for the things in our lives. This year has provided plenty of opportunities to complain or not be thankful. We have dealt with many things beyond our control, and there was very little we could do to prevent or change them. But everything is not bad. As a matter of fact, there are probably some areas of your life that are flourishing despite the difficulties faced in other places.

I have found this to be true in my life. Some things have been challenging. Very challenging. I have had to work through situations I did not expect nor want to deal with again. But at the same time, some things in my life are better than ever, and I would not want Thanksgiving to pass without acknowledging those.


Strength In My Marriage

One of the things that have happened this year is the challenges I have faced have made my marriage stronger. We are talking more. We are focusing more on the important things and ignoring the insignificant things. We have used circumstances as a springboard for conversations that protect our relationship. We are praying more together. Our time together has been well spent this year. Marriages are never perfect, but they should always be getting better. I am thankful for our growth this year. 

Favor In My Finances

As I wind down the year, I will close on my business’s sale at the end of December. In the middle of a pandemic, this will be the best year we have ever had. I had a goal to be free of all personal debt by the time I sold the business. That is going to happen. We recently paid off our home and only have one more obligation to clear up before the end of the year. That is something that I used to only exist in my dreams. The freedom this creates for our family will matter for generations.

Commitment Of My Church

Pastoring has been difficult everywhere during the pandemic. Some churches will never reopen. Many churches suffered financially. Our church faced a couple of additional circumstances that were unexpected and heartbreaking. Through all of it, the church has rallied and continued to make things happen. Giving has been up. Volunteers have stepped up to fill unexpected vacancies. The atmosphere in worship has been great. Those who cannot come to the building are engaged online. Besides, two major accomplishments happened: the completion of a new preschool and the purchase of land for our second campus. I am thankful to be a part of such a great church.

I encourage you to think about the blessed areas of your life. Don’t allow the distractions going on around us to keep you from appreciating the good that is still happening despite it. I feel confident you have places that are flourishing during this season as well. 

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