Leadership is a process of learning and growing. If you are not learning and growing, you will not lead effectively. We face challenges and changes that test where we are on our leadership journey. The pace of change and the problems that it can bring reveals new challenges to us almost every day.

We are currently facing a worldwide pandemic. There are shared experiences with leaders around the world that we have never had before. I see things every day that I have never before seen. I am reminded of things that I had long forgotten. I see certain things becoming more prevalent than they were before. Over the last couple of months, I have noticed three things more than ever.



There Is No Perfect Solution

Every single organization is trying to deal with the current situation to the best of their ability. Most of the leaders I talk to are frustrated because every week changes are needing to be made. There are new government directives every week that challenge the most agile organizations. Everyone keeps talking about “normal”, but no one is sure what normal is or what it will be. There is no single person or organization that has a perfect solution. If you are waiting for the perfect solution, you are probably wasting valuable time. Perfection is just a fancy word for procrastination. 

People Choose The “Right” They Are Most Comfortable With

Everyone has their own version of right. I find it interesting the hoops we can jump through to justify a position we have. We have groups of people who believe the government can’t tell you what to do with your body therefore it should be a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion while at the same time they believe the government should tell everyone to wear a mask. We have people on the other side who believe abortion is not a choice, but that the government can’t tell them to wear a mask. We want tolerance while we shame people that do things we cannot tolerate, all the while justifying our tolerance and our shaming with intellectual theatrics. Justifying our behaviors while judging the actions of others is nothing new. In the current, it is more exaggerated than ever. 

Progress Is More Important Than Perfection

What do we do now? If you are waiting on “normal” to return before you attempt to move forward, there could be nothing left to move. Challenges are facing everyone and every organization right now. The question we have to answer is “how do we make progress when it will not be perfect and the situation is not ideal?” Children are at risk if they go to school, and many are at risk if they stay home. There is no perfect solution. What can be done that moves students forward, even if it is not perfect? Those are the type of questions everyone is dealing with. From families to businesses to government, the challenges are real. If we want to keep leading, we will have to choose progress over perfection and keep moving things forward.

What are you noticing right now? Wherever you are leading and whatever you are dealing with, remember that you are not by yourself. Keep leading. You are needed now more than ever. 

Start Learning and Growing Today

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