In the story of creation we find in the Bible each time God created something He said that it was good. The skies, the water, the animals, the stars, they were all good. Then He created man and this was God’s response in Genesis 2:18 NLT Then the Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him.” For the very first time, God said it was not good. Something needed to be added. It was not sufficient by itself. So God created a relationship that we call marriage. There are some very specific things here that should help us gain some understanding of the importance of marriage and the value it brings.


It is not good to be alone

God created us to be in relationship. When He looked at man alone, He recognized that it was not good. There is a difference between seeking the solitude of being alone and the reality of loneliness when we have no other options. Adam did not have any other options. For human relationships, there was no other person. God immediately recognized that for Adam to be complete, he could not be alone. Our spouses are there so we do not have to be alone. They are the most important earthly relationship we have. We must learn to be there for one another. One of our jobs as a spouse is to be a companion so our partner is not alone. 


Created by God

After His recognition that man did not need to be alone, His response is to make a solution. He made it. Not only did He make it, but He made it just right. There should be comfort, peace and real expectation to know that God has created someone for us. And not just someone, but someone who is just right for us. That is why it is critical for us to pray and seek wisdom when looking for a spouse. God has created someone specifically for you that is just right. Why take a chance in the lottery when we have been given the ability to seek the Creator and know who He created for us? Your choice in marriage does not have to be a gamble. God has one specific person for you.



Not only has God created someone who is just right for us, but they are also our helper to come along beside of us and to help us become everything we were designed to become. There are certain things that we need to know and learn that can only be learned in the context of relationship, and some more specific things that can only be learned in the context of the marriage relationship. The wise King Solomon wrote in Ecclesiastes 4:9 NLT  Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. Success comes from the help of others. There is success that you will only achieve with the help of the person that God designed for you in the covenant of marriage. Be thankful for the success you achieve with the help your spouse brings.

The marriage relationship serves many purposes. Though these are not the only purposes of marriage, they are three specific reasons that are made clear in the very first human relationship at creation. Do not discount the value that they bring to your life. Your spouse brings value to you that no one else can. As we understand better the reasons why God places us together in the relationship of marriage, we can understand better how that relationship is to work and how we can support one another. Marriage was intended to be for mutual fulfillment and that is achieved as we become aware of why we have this relationship.

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